Bighorn Sheep bronze, Sheep sculpture, summit meeting, bronze bighorn sheep, monument sheep

"Summit Meeting"

Enjoy browsing my western and wildlife bronze sculpture and contact me with any questions you may have! 

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About Me


My Background

My wife and I moved to Montana in 1981 full-filling my childhood dream of being a 'mountain man'. We eventually settled in Libby, MT where we raised our family. Montana has provided many opportunities for exploration and discovery which have proven invaluable in my quest to create bronze sculpture that honors wildlife and the western heritage of the United States.  As an artist I have enjoyed being able to express my passion for nature through wildlife bronze art.


My Medium

From the original concept to the finished sculpture the world of bronze sculpture is filled with many stages of development. As an artist I prefer the time honored "lost wax method" for the actual bronze. We are fortunate to have a wonderful bronze foundry close to home where I can oversee each wildlife bronze art work from the molding process through the metal check and final patina.


My Inspiration

As a boy I roamed the Michigan country side looking for adventure. My love of the outdoors started early and has continued throughout my life. I have traveled to several countries pursuing adventure through hiking, fishing and hunting. Most of my bronze sculpture pieces are directly influenced by my travels. I love recreating animals that I love through my work in wildlife bronze art.